The Right to a Healthy Environment

29 November 2016

The basic premise is that everyone deserves to live in an environment that does not harm their well-being and provides an adequate standard of living. Currently, the right to a healthy environment is not one that is internationally recognized as a human right. There are skeptics that claim that the environment and human rights are […]

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A Look Back: From the Death of Justice Antonin Scalia to the Nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch

07 February 2017

While The View From Above generally posts on issues and topics concerning international law, I believe it prudent to address President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee—which will surely have a future impact on international law and the role the United States plays in it. This post briefly analyzes the following in response to the passing of Justice […]

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DU’s Foreign Direct Investment Moot Team Travels to Argentina To Compete

21 November 2016

The Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) International Arbitration Moot competition this year was in Buenos Aires, Argentina at the stunning Facultad de Derecho at the Universidad de Buenos Aries. Four students from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law (“SCOL”) competed in this event as one team. The FDI Moot competition was created in 2008 […]

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The European Refugee Crisis: Unaccompanied Refugee and Migrant Children

14 November 2016

The refugee and migrant influx into Europe continues. Since January 2015 approximately 1.2 million people have journeyed across the Mediterranean in an attempt to reach Europe. The majority arrive in Europe by sea, while almost 34,900 refugees and migrants arrived by land. These individuals are fleeing economic and social breakdown such as conflict, violence, and […]

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Assisted Suicide: the Thin Line Between Dying With Dignity And Premeditated Murder

08 November 2016

Imagine you are in unbearable pain. Every single moment of your life. Only drugs that your doctor prescribed to you hold this pain manageable to the extent that you are not screaming, that you can fall asleep. Even when you sleep, you are not getting that peaceful rest. You fall into a deep hole of […]

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Decision 2016: Oh the Places We Will Go

07 November 2016

On November 8, 2016, the Unites States will elect a new President to lead. Polls have opened, and votes are being cast. But who will win, and what impact will it have on the national stage? As the rest of the world watches, American citizens need to realize we are wading into uncharted waters with […]

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Cyber Security: An International Security Issue with No Solution?

26 October 2016

On Friday, October 20th, malicious cyber attacks prohibited access to major websites like Twitter, PayPal, and Amazon in intermittent locations throughout the U.S. and abroad. Experts determined the attacks are the result of a virus that infected thousands of users’ internet-connected devices through webcams and video recording devices. This method of hacking is both complicated […]

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The Fight Against Climate Change: The Paris Agreement Ratified by 75 Countries

17 October 2016

On October 5th the requirements were met for the Paris Agreement (PA) to enter into force. This milestone was triggered when more than 55 countries representing 55% of global greenhouse emissions (GHG) ratified the Agreement. The PA has had tremendous international public and private support following its adoption by the 197 Parties to the United […]

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Mass Incarceration at Home and Decarceration Abroad

10 October 2016

Around the world, there are around ten million people in prison at any given time. While the world’s criminal justice systems struggle to ensure access to legal representation, a fair trial, and freedom from torture, some countries have been more successful than others. Other western countries are moving toward decarceration,[1] but politicians in the United […]

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How a Mosquito Bite Differs By Two Weeks

29 September 2016

Now that the Zika virus has been confirmed in mosquitoes of Miami Beach, concern about the spread of the disease in the United States has taken on new urgency.  Zika is a virus that is transferable by mosquito bite or sexual intercourse.  Generally, in adults, the virus is harmless—causing common cold symptoms in an infected […]

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