Italy’s Case 1 Euro Program: a Policy Solution for Rural Communities in America?

Across Italy, young Italians migrate from the countryside to urban centers in search of more lucrative job markets, forcing rural towns to struggle with the repercussions of a decades-long depopulation trend.[1] Now, municipalities must strategize to address the abandoned and often derelict buildings people are leaving behind, while also tackling the root cause—depopulation.[2] In 2017, … Read more

South Africa: A Deceptive Reputation of Protection for Trans Refugees

South Africa is recognized as a frontrunner in protecting the rights of both “gender refugees” and asylum seekers. The term “gender refugee” refers to “people who can make claims to refugee status, fleeing their countries of origin based on the persecution of their gender identity.”[1] A gender refugee has likely faced persecution or violence in … Read more