Board of Editors

2018-2019 Board- Denver Journal of International Law & Policy

Editor in Chief – Melody Joy Fields

Acting Senior Managing Editor – Grace Osberg

Online Editor in Chief – Chris Barbera

Executive Editor – Meera Nayak

Business & Events Editor – Samantha Bloch

Candidacy Editor – Kieran Edstrom

2017-2018 Board- Denver Journal of International Law & Policy

Editor in Chief – Nicole Chaney

Senior Managing Editor – Rachel Ronca

Online Editor in Chief – Hannah Mitchell

Business & Events Editor – Shirin Porbanderwala

Candidacy Editor – Jane Rugg

2016-2017 Board- Denver Journal of International Law & Policy

Editor in Chief – Sandra McCarthy

Executive Editor – Ariana Busby

Senior Managing Editor – Jeremy Goldstein

Online Editor in Chief – James Harmoush

Online Managing Editor – Nicole Chaney

Managing Editor – Joseph Apisdorf

Training/Cite & Source Editor – Alison Haugen

Candidacy Editor – Carla Solis

Events Editor – Jane Rugg

Business Editor – Ashley Lloyd

2015-2016 Board – Denver Journal of International Law & Policy

Editor in Chief – Teresa Milligan

Executive Editor – Lorne Hiller

Senior Managing Editor – Emily Boehme

Managing & Production Editor – Phillip Nickerson

Online Editor in Chief – Ty Nagamatsu

Online Managing Editor – James Harmoush

Training/Cite & Source Editor – Julie Marling

Candidacy Editor – Kitty Robinson

Candidacy Editor – Giedre Stasiunaite

Events Editor – Allison Derschang

Business Editor – Rachel Glass

Survey Editor – Cameron Hunter

2014-2015 Denver Journal of International Law & Policy Board of Editors

Editor in Chief  Alicia Guber

Online Editor in Chief  Katelynn Merkin

Executive Editor  Breann Plasters

Senior Managing Editor  Samantha Peaslee

Managing Editor  Alexandra Jennings

Business Editor  Katelin Wheeler

Candidacy Editors  Katherine McAuley and Leonard Large

Events Editor  Teresa Milligan

Survey Editor  Cheyenne Moore

Projects Editor  Samuel Claycombe

Training/Cite & Source Editor  Casey Smartt

Past Boards of Editors

Volume 43, 2014-2015

Volume 42, 2013-2014

Volume 41, 2012-2013

Volume 40, 2011-2012


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