A Co-Conspirator or a Casualty? A Second Look at Asma, wife of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad

Asma al-Assad

She doesn’t have bruises. She adorns photos and televisions with a near-perfect, pearly-white smile and a haircut fit for a queen. She’s a first lady who’s chic and fashionable. She laughs and jokes with gusto—even stating once that she was the “real” dictator of the family, and not her husband. But once a friendly face … Read more

Critical Analysis: U.S. Naval Ship Fires on Indian Pleasure Boat

A U.S. Navy supply ship fired at a small boat in the Persian Gulf on Monday, injuring three people and killing one. United Arab Emirates officials reported that the casualties were Indians on a small, white pleasure craft. Before the incident, which some are calling a reflection of rising tensions in the region, the small … Read more

The Agitator: IHL permits limited reprisal attacks against civilians

The London Blitz

An oft-stated axiom of international humanitarian law is that civilians can never be targeted in armed conflict, enshrined by rules 48, 51(2) and 52(2) of Additional Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions.  The International Committee for the Red Cross study of customary law affirms that under customary law civilians can not be targeted. However, the United … Read more

The Agitator: Announcing TVFA’s Newest Feature

The View From Above’s core mission is to engage with professors, students, and practitioners of international law in an ongoing conversation about timely developments in international law and policy. To further that mission, we are proud to present “The Agitator,” a new feature from TVFA. Each week, The Agitator will advance a controversial, unpopular, or … Read more