Critical Analysis: Brazil’s Oil and Land Use Rights

Would you like to strike it rich through the purchase of land use rights? Consider bidding on the next oil and gas auction by the Brazilian government. Two of the most popular offerings by Brazil are described below. Sedimentary Basin Brazil enacted Law No. 9.478 (“Petroleum Law”) in 1997 to establish Concession Agreements, the contracts … Read more

Critical Analysis: The U.S. Should Suspend Adoptions from China

China, like the U.S., has a website that is dedicated to finding missing and exploited children called, “Baby Come Home.” Unlike the U.S., a large percentage of those children have probably been kidnapped for adoption by unsuspecting American parents. Since China opened its doors to international adoption in 1991, over 83,000 Chinese children have received … Read more

Critical Analysis: International Murder Conspiracy?

Last summer, a seemingly ordinary American died under suspicious circumstances in Singapore. Shane Todd, a recent PhD candidate in electrical engineering, had gone to Singapore to work for the government’s sponsored research center, Institute of Microelectronics (IME). A few days before his death, Todd had accepted a new position with the US technology firm, Nuvotronics. … Read more