Critical Analysis: The International Efforts to Protect Marine Biodiversity

For four days in the first week of April, the United Nations held meetings to negotiate the possibility of a new international treaty to protect marine biodiversity. The UN working group, High Seas Alliance (HSA), a partnership of 27 non-governmental organizations, plus the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), discussed creating a new … Read more

Critical Analysis: Muslim and Jewish Faiths Fight Poland’s Ban on Ritual Slaughter

In November 2012 Poland’s Constitutional Court held that the religious slaughter of animals for Muslims and Jews violated the country’s constitution and animal welfare laws. The European Union rule that went in to effect on January 1st allows an exception for religious slaughter. With the E.U.’s exception to the rule that all animals be stunned … Read more

Critical Analysis: Australia and Japan head to the ICJ

From June 26th to July 16th the International Court of Justice (ICJ) will hear arguments from Australia and Japan over the dispute concerning Japan’s whaling program. This will be Japan’s first appearance as a party before the ICJ. The court proceeding began in 2010 and has so far cost Australia over $20 million dollars. Australia … Read more

Critical Analysis: International Movement to Ban Products Using Animal Research

It took 20 years of campaigning and several delays, but on March 11, 2013, the European Union law went in to effect to ban cosmetic products and their ingredients that use research on animals. The ban stipulates that no new products tested on animals will be imported in the EU. This ban will include products … Read more

Critical Analysis: Sotheby’s Faces Accusations in Legal Battle Over Cambodian Khmer Art

The international auction house, Sotheby’s, continues to thrive even in a down market. Sotheby’s recently set a record night of sales totaling over $375 million, which included works by Warhol, Bacon, Rothko, and Pollock. Despite their successful night, Sotheby’s currently faces a legal battle with the government of Cambodia over a one thousand-year-old sandstone Khmer … Read more

Critical Analysis: International Concern Continues to Grow Over Shark Finning Practices

This past month, Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla signed a ban on shark finning to amend previous legislation and to close loopholes in the law. The original 2001 law banned shark finning but permitted other countries to continue to import shark fins. Shark finning is becoming a growing global concern for the complex ecosystem of … Read more