Critical Analysis: Holdouts and Hard Sells for Argentina’s Bond Swap

The European Union is not the only one finding themselves in deep financial trouble of late. Recently, attention has been diverted to Argentina, and it is not for their delicious wine. After Argentina’s economic collapse in 2001 and its ensuing record-breaking $100 billion default in foreign debt, Argentina was reluctant to negotiate any sort of … Read more

An Indecent Proposal: Cyprus Setting A Dangerous Precedent

When stuck between a rock and a hard place, what is the right course? The tiny island of Cyprus is forced to choose the best of only bad options. After years of over zealous banking leading to an oversized financial sector, Cyprus’ economy has finally snapped. Continuing the trend of failing European Union countries, Cyprus … Read more

Critical Analysis: A Fiscal Cliff Leading to Where?

Midnight, January first marks the twilight hour for Americans who have been holding their breath before taking the plunge that is the fiscal cliff. This cliff was meant to serve as a deterrent for Republicans and Democrats to reach a mutual compromise and avoid immediate spending cuts and tax hikes. However, both sides refused to … Read more