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Critical Analysis: The ECJ Saves the Internet

Very little in international intellectual property is more controversial than the internet. Hosted on the internet are millions of pieces of intellectual property – articles, blogs, software, logos, and trade names, just to name a few. Balancing protection for the authors with the aim of widespread information access has proven difficult, to say the least. […]

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Critical Analysis: The Internet: The Land of the Free?

“The Great Firewall of China” is well-recognized around the world as referring to China’s closed-internet policy.  Edward Snowden’s leaks advertised to the world that privacy online in America is more of a myth than an actuality.  But perhaps all of this is just leading to the next stage of internet freedom – not actual freedom, […]

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Snowden in an interview

Critical Analysis: Does Snowden have a “Right to Asylum?”

Edward Snowden has become America’s newest celebrity.  The former National Security Agency employee has been charged with espionage by the United States after leaking top secret documents on U.S. surveillance program PRISM.   Snowden left Hong Kong in late June, looking for a safe haven, arriving in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport on June 23.  Since then, he […]

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Critical Analysis: Google Earth Helps Inspire Human Rights Response Towards North Korea

North Korea has been a frequent topic in news headlines lately – from the country’s threat of a nuclear launch to Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s trip to Pyongyang.  However, another story that has been percolating just below the surface for years is just now starting to get attention: Google Maps’ and Google Earth’s revelation of […]

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