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Ved P. Nanda
Ved P. Nanda is the Evans University Professor and the Thompson G. Marsh Professor of International Law at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Professor Nanda, who is also founder and current director of the school’s International Legal Studies Program, has been teaching at the Sturm College of Law since 1965. He is widely published in law journals and national magazines, has authored or co-authored 23 books in the various fields of international law, has written over 180 chapters and major law review articles, and has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor and Scholar at a number of universities in the United States and abroad.  In 2006, he was honored with a $1 million founding gift from DU alumni Doug and Mary Scrivner to launch the Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law.

David Akerson
David Akerson is a visting professor and lecturer at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Professor Akerson is a trial lawyer with a broad international law and human rights portfolio ranging from human rights work in apartheid South Africa to prosecuting perpetrators at the Yugoslavia and Rwanda international criminal tribunals. His expertise lies in the core international crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, practice and procedure of the international tribunals, complex international criminal litigation, and international tribunal policy and management.

Don C. Smith
Don C. Smith has a BS degree from the University of Kansas, a JD degree from Washburn University, and an LLM degree in European Union Law from the University of Leicester (U.K.) Faculty of Law.  After a legal career in both the public and private sectors, Prof. Smith left the practice of law to join two publishing companies, first U.S.-based McGraw-Hill and later European-based Reed Elsevier.  He was later seconded to Oxford, England, where he developed a business plan for Elsevier related to increasing the firm’s coverage of EU-related environmental matters.  He began teaching as an adjunct at the Sturm College of Law in 2002.  In 2007 he was named Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Graduate Program.  In 2010 he was named Director of the Environmental and Natural Resources Law & Policy Program, which includes the graduate program.   He teaches Comparative Environmental Law, European Union Law, and European Union Environmental Law.  He is editor-in-chief of the peer reviewed journal Utilities Policy.

Annecoos Wiersema
Annecoos Wiersema received her first law degree (LL.B.) from the London School of Economics in England and her S.J.D. (Doctor of Juridical Science) degree in International and Environmental Law from Harvard Law School. Prof. Wiersema teaches and researches in the fields of international environmental law, environmental and natural resources law, international law, administrative law and theory, and property law and theory. Her research focuses on how we can develop legal institutions both nationally and internationally that can effectively protect species and ecosystems in the face of ecological complexity and scientific uncertainty.

CDR Associates
CDR Associates is the oldest alternative dispute resolution firm in the United States and has its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 1978, CDR Associates has helped groups in 60 countries reach their own solutions to difficult issues. This internationally known and respected organization leads the way to valuable and long-lasting agreements, whether they’re surrounding a peace agreement, a controversial public issue, a complex development project, a conflict over natural resources, or a challenging change initiative within an organization.

One Earth Future
The One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in 2007 by business entrepreneur Marcel Arsenault. OEF, whose headquarters are located in Louisville, Colorado, employs a “Think and Do Tank” model with the hope of developing effective systems of global governance to achieve a world beyond war – hence its tagline, Peace Through Governance. One Earth Future will work with its subsidiary organization, Oceans Beyond Piracy, to provide content pertaining to all issues of global governance.

Nomogaia is a nonprofit research and policy organization dedicated to clarifying the corporate role in human rights protection and facilitating corporate responsibility for the communities impacted by capital projects. It seeks to close the gap between academic literature and on-the-ground research using a unique field-based methodology for Human Rights Impact Assessment.

Jon Bellish
Jon Bellish is the Editor in Chief of The View From Above and the Online Editor of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy. This summer, Jon will be blogging about his experience at the Hague Academy of International Law. Starting in the fall, his blog will focus on the role of public opinion in the development of international law, maritime piracy, corporate social responsibility, and international judicial institutions.

Anjali Nanda
Anjali Nanda is the Editor in Chief of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy. She is finishing a dual J.D. and M.B.A. at the University of Denver. She is currently interning at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Brussels, Belgium.

Joan Policastri
Joan Policastri is the Foreign & International Legal Research Specialist at the University of Denver’s Westminster Law Library ( She provides international research and reference services to faculty and students at the Sturm College of Law, the Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law, and is the law library’s liaison to DU’s Josef Korbel School of International Studies. She also provides library instruction in classrooms for many areas of international law and recommends selections for development of the foreign, comparative and international law collections.  Joan has created the Ved Nanda Center’s Community International Law Resource Portfolio located in the Newsroom section of site (click on “Resources”), and will continue to update the portfolio on a regular basis.  Such portfolio is designed to serve as a quick, online starting point for students, alumni and other professionals to begin their research on international law, foreign law and related topics.

Nicole Salamander
Nicole Salamander graduated from DU Law in May 2008 and currently clerks in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado in Denver. By way of a disclaimer, nothing she expresses in her blog posts are representative of any entity or person other than herself. During law school, Nicole focused on international law and domestic constitutional law. She served as the Editor in Chief of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy and participated and captained DU’s Philip C. Jessup international law moot court team. Nicole’s passion for both international and constitutional law continues, and her entries will likely concern comparisons of international and domestic court processes and procedures, with an emphasis on how courts around the world incorporate international standards of due process. She will also write about goings-on in Russia, China, and Israel. Finally, Nicole is currently seeking to expand her knowledge of international business law, and thus plans on posting on topics including available routes for legal remedies (ADR, litigation, choices of law and forum), handling potential instances of expropriation, and Lex Mercatoria.

Karlyn Shorb
Karlyn Shorb, an alumni of both the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and the Korbel School of International Studies, is the Administrative Director of the Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law and Executive Director of The View From Above.  Karlyn’s particular interest lies in Refugee and Asylee issues, immigration and migration, and the rights of Indigeneous Peoples; and she will be blogging on those topics.  Additionally, Karlyn will be contributing regular updates on school-wide, local community and nationwide events related to international and comparative law, policy and people.

L. Kate Campbell
Kate Campbell is a recent graduate of the University of Denver Sturm College of Law and its International Legal Studies Program. Currently, Ms. Campbell is interning with the Registry branch of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (“SCSL”) in Freetown, Sierra Leone.



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