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David Cameron Wants Out of the EU: What are the Risks and Rewards?

The Treaty of Maastricht established the European Union (“the EU”) under its current name in 1993.[1]  The Treaty included a Social Chapter that laid “down EU policies on workers’ rights and other social issues.”[2]  The Treaty also established an economic and monetary union, which required the Member States to (1) coordinate their economic policies, (2) […]

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Critical Analysis: Syrian Civil War Threatens to Engulf Neighboring Lebanon

As the Syrian Civil War rages unabated, the conflict has taken on a distinctly sectarian angle.  Bashar Al-Assad’s forces are now composed mainly from the President’s own Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shi’a Islam, which sees the fortunes of their minority community as intertwined with those of the regime.  After 2 years of brutal urban […]

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Welcoming DJILP’s Newest Staff Editors

The Executive Board of the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy would like to welcome its newest members: Alicia Guber Congratulations from all of us, and welcome aboard!  

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Critical Analysis: The Threat of International Internet Regulation

At a United Nations conference last December, eighty-nine countries voted to create a revised telecommunications treaty that would implement a system of international government regulation over the internet.  The treaty will increase the authority of the International Telecommunication Union—a United Nations agency—in the regulation of the internet on a global scale.  Despite the tremendous response […]

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News: Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here’s what is happening in international law and policy this Wednesday, February 27, 2013.    

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Raul Resigns: Cuban President Announces Final Term after 50+ Years of Castro-Brother Rule

Sunday evening, Cuban president Raul Castro announced that he would step down as the country’s president and communist leader after one final five-year term. In his address Sunday, President Castro explained that his resignation marked the beginning of the gradual and orderly transfer of key Cuban leadership roles to a new generation. The frail 86-year-old […]

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Critical Analysis: Division in Iranian Leadership

Some argue that the West is continually trying to find ways to contain Iran and their believed attempt to acquire nuclear weapons. Recent infighting shows that the country’s leadership may be splintering leading to a fissure in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Do these public confrontations present an opportunity for the West to find workable […]

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Critical Analysis: Is the Legitimacy of the Bangladesh Tribunal at Stake?

The International Crimes Tribunal in Bangladesh is an ongoing court mandated to investigate and prosecute individuals who committed atrocities during Bangladesh’s war of independence with Pakistan in 1971. On February 5, 2013, the Tribunal sentenced Jamatt-e-Islami chief Abdul Kader Mullah to life for his alleged role in crimes committed during the 1971 independence war. Mullah […]

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Critical Analysis: Horse Meat? No Thank You!

Europe is currently in an uproar over issues in the meat industry.  Most recently, large quantities of horse meat were found in products that are supposed to be 100% beef, sold in Sweden, the United Kingdom, and France, among others.  Although there are no health issues directly related to the use of horse meat, and […]

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What happens when something falls from space?

Things falling from space have certainly caught our collective interest in the last few days.  And while it’s been the extraordinary meteors in recent days, manmade items tumble from the sky more often than you might imagine.  These are expensive contraptions that sometimes have “sensitive” applications.  So, as you might imagine, there is a legal […]

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