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Where Does Outer Space Begin?

A state’s jurisdiction once went from the depths of Hell to the heights of Heaven.  Airplanes challenged this tradition, and satellites ended it.  Since then, the upper limit of a state’s sovereignty has been long debated.  Today, there is a distinction between airspace—where a state is sovereign—and outer space—which is res communis.  Despite the distinction, there is […]

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Venezuelan Elections: What’s Next?

  President Hugo Chavez’s work to nationalize Venezuela’s petroleum market and anti-American sentiments lead to strained relations between the United States and Venezuela from Chavez’s election in 1999 until his death this past March.  Not surprisingly, the United States government and private petroleum industries watched carefully as Venezuelans hit the polls to vote for Chavez’s […]

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David Cameron and Angela Merkel

Cameron Courts Germany to Discuss Great Britain’s Future in the EU

This is a follow up post to my prior post: David Cameron Wants Out of the EU: What are the Risks and Rewards? Britain’s Prime Minister, David Cameron, arrived in Berlin last week to engage in talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The purpose? Demonstrate “the close relationship between the two center-right leaders and a […]

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Nanda and Wedgwood

Three International Law Professors, Tied Together by the Moral Urgency to Redeem the World from Ethnic Conflict

Professor Ruth Wedgwood’s Keynote Speech –“Human Security and the Tradition of  Myres McDougal” – at the 2012 Regional Conference of the American Branch of the International Law Association, held at the Sturm College of Law DU’s Sturm College of Law was honored to receive Professor Ruth Wedgwood as the keynote speaker for the International Law […]

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Critical Analysis: Will an International Bankruptcy Reorganization Law be Viable?

  On December 12, 2012, the European Commission proposed an amendment (Proposal) to Council Regulation (EC) No. 1346/2000 on insolvency proceedings adopted in 2002. The Proposal, (EC) No. 2012/0360, seeks to modernize the EU’s existing insolvency laws, which have proven to be inadequate in the face of the recent economic recession. The current insolvency laws […]

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Kim Jong-un

North Korea Undeterred by U.N. Sanctions

On April 15, 2013, North Korea celebrated the 101st birthday of its founding leader, Kim Il Sung.   The day was filled with flowers to honor both its founder and current leader, Kim Jong Un; however, North Korea did not take a reprieve from threatening South Korea and the United Nations.  From Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, the […]

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Secret of a Long Journey

Event: International Law and Native American Human Rights Violations Explored

On April 22, 2013, join Colorado author and DJILP contributor Sandra Shwayder Sanchez for an exploration of international human rights law in her latest novel The Secret of A Long Journey. The purpose of the presentation is to raise awareness of historic, recent, and continuing discrimination against native people and put that into a historical context, as well […]

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Children of Syria

Lost Futures – The Children of Syria

As many, if not all of you, know, the conflict in Syria continues to rage on, affecting thousands in Syria and the surrounding areas. What started out as a desire to move towards democracy in a peaceful fashion has turned into a bloody and unrelenting war that only continues to get worse. In fact, the […]

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Repealing Section 377A: Legalizing Homosexuality in Singapore

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Hollingsworth v. Perry and United States v. Windsor, both cases concerning the rights of gay and lesbian couples to enjoy the status and benefits of traditional marriage. In Singapore, a more basic right is being questioned: is a law criminalizing sexual contact between homosexual men, […]

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A Brief Overview of US Export Control Policy for Space Technology

Congress passed the Arms Export Control Act in the 1970s to prevent sensitive technology from being exported to US adversaries.  To accomplish this goal, the Act created the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), which authorized the Department of State to create a set of guidelines to control and license sensitive exports.  ITAR’s purpose is to further […]

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