Two Sites. One Mission.

In some ways, the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy (DJILP) and The View From Above (TVFA) could not be more different. Established in 1971 at the University of Denver College of Law, DJILP has been a mainstay of international legal scholarship for four decades and is a well-respected voice in the field. In contrast, TVFA launched on July 1, 2011 and is an unprecedented effort to track developments in international law as they occur.

The Nanda CenterHowever, even apart from their Denver connection, DJILP and TVFA are a perfect fit for one another in that they both seek to further the discussion of international law and foreign policy in important and meaningful ways. Between the wide view taken by the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy and The View From Above’s ability to capitalize on the rapid flow of online information, these two publications offer a take on international law that is complementary, complete, and unique in the world of international law.


Denver Journal of International Law and PolicyTaken together, DJILP and TVFA offer information in three different ways. First, the staff of DJILP works together to write “featured articles,” which provide analysis on the important developments in international law and policy, and summarize the range of opinion surrounding the coverage of those developments. Second, TVFA works with academics, practitioners, students, and Nanda Center staff to produce online columns, which take a more careful and detailed view of developments in international law and policy. Third, the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy offers an online archive of every article published in the journal since 1971. These three levels of information will allow the user to customize his or her experience. Daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly readers will each find a website that is up to date, highly relevant and responsive to their needs.

The View From AboveIn the end, though, the most important information on this website will come neither from DJILP nor TVFA. It will come from the users and contributors themselves, just below the posts, in the “comments” section. We invite all readers to comment on articles, reply to others’ comments and rate the comments thereby moving them up and down the comments list. We only ask that you abide by our comment guidelines. If you find an article or discussion that you think may be of interest to your friends or colleagues, share it on Facebook or Tweet it to your followers. The more people involved in our community, the more vibrant it will be.


The View From Above is a collaborative effort between the Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law and the Denver Journal of International Law & Policy. None of this would be possible without our contributors and the dedicated journal staff.



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