Volume 41, 2012-2013

(Alphabetically by author’s last name)

Abdullahi v. Pfizer: Second Circuit Finds a Nonconsensual Medical Experimentation Claim Actionable Under Alien Tort Statute, Case Note, Anna Alman

Unilateral Non-Colonial Secession in International Law and Declaratory General Assembly Resolutions: Textual Content and Legal Effects, Glen Anderson

Towards a More Realistic Vision of Corporate Social Responsibility Through the Lens of Lex Mercatoria, Jonathan Bellish

In Principle But Not in Practice: The Expansion of Essential State Interests in the Doctrine of Necessity Under Customary International Law, Jonathan Bellish

The EU’s ETS and Global Aviation: Why “Local Rules” Still Matter and May Matter Even More in the Future, Michael L. Buenger

Sosa‘s Silence: Kiobel and the Fallacy of the Supreme Court’s Limitation on Alien Tort Liability, Webster C. Cash III

Criminalizing Extrajudicial Killings, Erin Creegan

The Responsibility to Protect in the Anarchical Society: Power, Interest, and the Protection of Civilians in Syria and Libya, Amy E. Eckart

The U.S. v. the Red Cross: Customary International Humanitarian Law and Universal Jurisdiction, Noura Erakat

Microfinance — Is There a Solution? A Survey on the Use of MFIs to Alleviate Poverty in India, Jesse Fishman

Humanitarian Intervention: To Protect State Sovereignty, Dr. Jasmeet Gulatia & Ivan Khosa

The McDougal Lecture: National Strategy, Collective Security, and the Global Common, Senator Gary W. Hart

The Arab Spring, U.S. Foreign Policy, and the Question of Democracy in the Middle East, Nader Hashemi

Unesco, Palestine and Archaeology in Conflict, David Keane & Valentina Azarov

Science Fiction No More: Cyber Warfare and the United States, Cassandra M. Kirsch

The Volta Convention: An Effective Tool for Transboundary Water Resource Management in an Era of Impending Climate Change and Devastating Natural Disasters?, Megan Matthews

What Should Africans Expect From Their Constitutions?, John Mukum Mbaku

The Arab Spring, the Responsibility to Protect, and U.S. Foreign Policy—Some Preliminary Thoughts, Ved P. Nanda

A Conflict of Diamonds: The Kimberley Process and Zimbabwe’s Marange Diamond Fields, Julie Elizabeth Nichols

The Trouble with Westphalia in Space: The State-Centric Liability Regime, Dan St. John

Politics or Law? The Dual Nature of the Responsibility to Protect, Rachel VanLandingham

U.S. Foreign Policy and the Arab Spring: Ten Short-Term Lessons Learned, Paul R. Williams & Colleen (Betsy) Popken



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