Piracy Continues Unabated

Somali Piracy

The surge of piracy attacks worldwide and their increasing threat to international shipping are indeed alarming.  The Piracy Reporting Center of the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), an independent arm of the International Chamber of Commerce, reports that incidents of piracy and robbery at sea reached 445 in 2010, compared with 400 in 2009, while there … Read more

Lecture: The Crime of Aggression: Who’s Killing it and Why

Please join the Ved Nanda Center for International and Comparative Law for an exciting lecture by Mr. Donald Ferencz, President and CEO of the Planethood Foundation and Convenor of the recently-formed Global Institute for the Prevention of Aggression.  Mr. Ferencz, whose Planethood Foundation supports Ved Nanda Center summer stipends for law students interning in the … Read more