Women and Anti-Corruption: International Policy Strategies to Safeguard Women’s Access to Essential Services

Corruption, a pervasive global phenomenon, poses a significant impediment to development and economic growth.[1] The standard definition of corruption is the “misuse of entrusted power for private gain.”[2] While its impacts are felt across all strata of society, women often bear a disproportionate burden.[3] This article delves into the critical issue of corruption’s impact on … Read more

The U.N. Human Trafficking Protocol and an Examination of the 2022 Trafficking in Persons Report

Over the past century, human trafficking has become a prevalent issue on the global stage. Often conceptualized as a form of modern-day slavery, it has taken hold of an estimated 27.6 million victims worldwide.[1] One of the first instruments to internationally recognize human trafficking was the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking … Read more

Nuclear Renaissance? The Growing International Push for Nuclear Power as Green Energy

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s subsequent energy crisis, a global push towards adopting nuclear energy is gaining momentum.[1] This surge in support for nuclear energy stems not only from a reassessment of Europe’s dependence on Russian natural gas, but also from addressing persistent challenges in achieving energy goals via wind and solar.[2] The growing … Read more