DU Alum, Former DJILP Editor in Chief, Enthused to Contribute to The View From Above

My name is Nicole Salamander. I graduated from DU Law in May 2008. I am a law clerk in the United States District Court for the District of Colorado in Denver. During law school, I focused on international law and domestic constitutional law. I had the honor of serving as the Editor in Chief of the Denver Journal of International Law and Policy and participating as a member and captain of DU’s Philip C. Jessup international law moot court team. My passion for both international and constitutional law continues, and I am enthused to contribute to The View From Above. My entries will likely concern comparisons of international and domestic court processes and procedures, with an emphasis on how courts around the world incorporate international standards of due process. I realize this topic may seem somewhat dry, but I hope other international legal “nerds” out there will find these posts interesting. I will also likely write about goings-on in Russia, China, and Israel, as those countries continue to intrigue me (and apparently the rest of the globe). By way of a “practical” approach to international law, I am seeking to expand my knowledge of international business law, thus I hope to post on topics including available routes for legal remedies (ADR, litigation, choices of law and forum), handling potential instances of expropriation, and, in true international-legal-nerd fashion, a brief exploration of Lex Mercatoria. Enjoy!