The European Single Market vs. RCEP Mega Trade Agreement

Manan Vatsyayana, 3rd RCEP Summit (photograph), The world’s largest trade deal could be signed in 2020 – and the US isn’t in it, CNBC: WORLD ECONOMY (Nov. 11, 2019), https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/12/what-is-rcep-asia-pacific-trade-deal-slated-to-be-worlds-largest-fta.html.

The Scottish EU Citizenship Limbo

As Brexit wraps up, Scotland leaves the EU against its peoples’ will.[1] Implicitly, the EU decided that continuing to recognize Scots as EU citizens would

Cyber Attacks & Modern Warfare

Cyber-attacks have increased in frequency, presenting a difficult issue in modern international law. The effects of a cyber-attack have the capacity to cause widespread and