The Agitator: Announcing TVFA’s Newest Feature

The Agitator
The Agitator
Advancing Unpopular Arguments

The View From Above’s core mission is to engage with professors, students, and practitioners of international law in an ongoing conversation about timely developments in international law and policy. To further that mission, we are proud to present “The Agitator,” a new feature from TVFA.

Each week, The Agitator will advance a controversial, unpopular, or otherwise underrepresented argument in the area of international law or policy with the aim of generating discussion around a particular issue. We hope that, by exploring the edges of an issue, The Agitator will lead to practically valuable conclusions.

The Agitator will touch on topics ranging from international human rights to the law of war to global economic issues.  It will argue that mercenaries are better than the UN at resolving humanitarian conflict and that human rights should always be framed in the negative because positive human rights fail to actually help people. We hope you will join us both in striking these arguments down and pushing back against those who try to do so.

Come back on Monday to hear the Agitator advance the proposition that International Humanitarian Law allows for limited reprisal attacks against civilians.