America’s New Floating Black-Sites

The exploitation of grey areas in international law created floating prisons, black-sites, and the potential for and the probability of grave human rights violations. In

The European Single Market vs. RCEP Mega Trade Agreement

Manan Vatsyayana, 3rd RCEP Summit (photograph), The world’s largest trade deal could be signed in 2020 – and the US isn’t in it, CNBC: WORLD ECONOMY (Nov. 11, 2019), https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/12/what-is-rcep-asia-pacific-trade-deal-slated-to-be-worlds-largest-fta.html.

The Scottish EU Citizenship Limbo

As Brexit wraps up, Scotland leaves the EU against its peoples’ will.[1] Implicitly, the EU decided that continuing to recognize Scots as EU citizens would

Cyber Attacks & Modern Warfare

Cyber-attacks have increased in frequency, presenting a difficult issue in modern international law. The effects of a cyber-attack have the capacity to cause widespread and