Solving the U.S. Plastic Crisis: Chemical Recycling to Advance Plastic to Fuel Creation

A plastic crisis is currently gripping the United States with little reprieve in sight. With the unpredictability of the oil and gas market, major producers in the industry are turning their attention to the creation of plastic, resulting in the glut of existing avenues of recycling while overwhelming current landfills. To counter this substantial increase in plastic production, the United States must take immediate action. To affect change, chemical recycling must be prioritized so that plastic can be reconfigured into an alternative fuel source. The technology is available to do so; thus, it is only a matter of an appropriate label, corresponding subsidy, strategic implementation, and a presidential signature to change the United States’ role from calamity creator to climate leader. This article will address current legislation attempting to combat the plastic crisis. It will then advance recommendations derived from the concept of using plastic to generate fuel.