Solving the U.S. Plastic Crisis: Chemical Recycling to Advance Plastic to Fuel Creation

A plastic crisis is currently gripping the United States with little reprieve in sight. With the unpredictability of the oil and gas market, major producers in the industry are turning their attention to the creation of plastic, resulting in the glut of existing avenues of recycling while overwhelming current landfills. To counter this substantial increase … Read more

Changing Tides Of The Nile: Analyzing Egypt’s Claim To Preserve Its Historical Water Rights

Ethiopia has nearly completed the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)—the largest dam in Africa capable of generating vast sums of clean electricity. The GERD, however, sits upon the Nile’s main tributary and threatens the water security of the Nile’s lower riparian nations, like Sudan and Egypt. Management of Nile resources is further complicated by the … Read more