Human Rights Violations by the U.S. Government Against Native Americans in the Passage and Enforcement of Pub. L. No. 93-531

Pub. L. 93-531 is the U.S. law behind the forced removal of over 10,000 people from their homeland,’ the largest relocation of an ethnic group since the internment of the Japanese during World War 11.2 This development examines the violations of international human rights law against the traditional Native Americans affected by Pub. L. No. … Read more

Human Rights and Access to Health Care

Three years prior to the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln stated that “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”, With the advent of international telecommunications, extensive travel and economic interdependence, the world is shrinking. As witnessed by the AIDS epidemic2 and various strains of influenza,3 localized health problems in third world countries quickly find their … Read more

Friend, or Foe or Something Else

One billion dollars and an apology: reparations by the United States government for 60,000 surviving Americans of Japanese ancestry imprisoned during World War II without charges, trial or evidence of necessity.1 Redress for lost homes, families, and freedom, for serious harm inflicted by a government upon its own people on account of their race…2