International Cannabis – Legalize, Regulate, Export

Over the last decade, the United States’ cannabis industry developed into a fully feathered golden goose for the states that have deviated from cannabis’ dated Federal Schedule I drug classification. Even with many industries attempting to rebound from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, the American cannabis industry reached a record high of $17.4 billion … Read more

A Gordian Knot: Disentangling State-sponsored Election Interference and Free Speech Online

Russia developed “troll farms” to influence the 2016 American presidential election using misinformation spread via social media.[1] Experts disagree on the impact, but this type of interference is a growing phenomenon with similar recent attacks in Ukraine, France, and Russia.[2] Though Russia’s actions seem like a violation of the non-intervention doctrine, they may not violate … Read more

Can Superpowers Be Superheroes? How Global Superpowers Face Their Moral Debts

From colonization to wars and military occupations, global superpowers have a history of influencing the landscapes of foreign countries.[1] However, once these superpowers distance themselves or lose power, how should they address such a breakup? Spain sets an example with a fast track to Spanish nationality for those native to “Ibero-American” countries.[2] This requires two … Read more