Cultivating Hemp: Potential for a Global Impact

In today’s consumer-driven world, identifying and implementing sustainable methods has increasingly become a standard seen across all industries. Whether it is a manufacturer attempting to make their product with less environmentally harmful materials, or the individual consumer choosing to purchase a sustainable product, the emphasis on sustainability is being echoed at all levels. Interestingly, it … Read more

Navigating a Political Minefield?

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is an ethnic and territorial dispute between Azerbaijan and Armenia.[1] The complex origins of the conflict were initially influenced by Soviet-era land distribution policies in the 1920’s, and recently revitalized by Azerbaijani forces in 2020 that were motivated in part by systemically cultivated animus and in part by political pressure from Turkey.[2] … Read more

A Pandemic Treaty to Save the Succulents?

Dudleya, a North American genus of small succulent plants, sometimes called live-forevers, are being ripped from their habitat and smuggled out of the country for high profits.[1] One recent smuggler was apprehended with $150,000 worth of live Dudleya bound for Asia.[2] Just as poachers supply illegal markets of elephant ivory and rhino horn, poachers also … Read more

Unfit to be Retained: Repatriating Nigeria’s Benin Bronzes

Last year, Jesus College of Cambridge returned an artifact known as a Benin Bronze to its native country of Nigeria.[1] It was a sculpture of a cockerel and is one of at least 3,000 artifacts that British soldiers took during a punitive, violent raid of Benin City in 1897.[2] By returning this artifact, Cambridge has … Read more

EU’s 27 Shades of Green

The European Union is determined to turn Europe into the first climate neutral and carbon neutral continent by 2050 as announced by Ursula von der Leyden, the president of the European Commission, on December 11, 2019.[1]  It was at this time, that the EU Commission unveiled The European Green Deal.[2]  In a nutshell, The European … Read more

Does the EU’s Proposed Designation of Nuclear Power and Natural Gas as Green Investments Make Sense?

On February 2, 2022, the European Commission (“Commission”) approved in principle the Complementary Delegated Act, a document that sets forth technical criteria for designating nuclear power and natural gas projects as sustainable.[1] Such designation will enable certain nuclear and gas projects to become part of the European Union’s (“EU”) taxonomy for sustainable activities — a … Read more