Global Climate Change: Collapse of Property Law

With the increasing amount of climate catastrophes occurring around the world daily, it is easy to wonder how global climate change impacts property law. In Pakistan, cataclysmic flooding, triggered by unprecedented monsoon rainfall and glacial melting, has killed over 1,000 people.[1] The monsoon continued destroying hundreds of thousands of homes and millions of acres of … Read more

Will Turkey’s Continued Human Rights Abuses Bar All Hope of EU Accession?

              Turkey has spent decades negotiating their admittance into the European Union (“EU”). The EU declared Turkey eligible to join in 1999 and formally began accession negotiations in 2005.[1] These negotiations have all but ground to a halt, and accession appears further away than ever. The basic criteria for which aspiring countries must meet … Read more

LGBTQ+ Activists Sentenced to Death in Iran

Iran is one of thirteen countries where being homosexual is punishable by death.[1] Since 1979, over 4,000 people have been sentenced to death for having same sex relationships. [2] There has been international outcry over this cruel practice for decades. [3]  However, Iran continues to exploit the death penalty and has executed at least 251 … Read more

Protecting Refugees in Colorado: A Model for Progress

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this year, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) traced more than 10 million refugee border crossings from Ukraine to nearby countries.[1] Yet, UNHCR has actively recorded up to 3 million Ukrainians—mostly women, children, and the elderly—returning home.[2] Conflict in Ukraine continues, yet nationals are choosing to live in war-torn … Read more