Migrant Sex Work: An Intersection of Marginalization

Migrant labor is a result of shifting cultural and economic patterns which push workers to migrate to find work across borders.[1] This unique type of migration and the uncertainty inherent to it opens workers to exploitation and precarious situations in unknown places.[2] Despite the risks of poor working conditions, limited social security, and undocumented residence, … Read more

The British Museum and Their Stolen Artifacts

Stolen artifacts and the need to return them to their origin country has been a topic in the international community for some time. In 2021, U.S. craft store Hobby Lobby found itself in hot water after it was discovered it had purchased an Iraqi artifact that had been stolen during the Iraqi conflict then illegally … Read more

Privacy and National Security Concerns Over TikTok

         TikTok is a popular app and social media platform that is owned by a Chinese company called ByteDance. [1] Recently, the United States government has expressed growing concern about TikTok regarding privacy and national security. [2] In fact, the White House recently banned TikTok on all federal devices. [3] The U.S. took … Read more