Across the Public/private International Legal Divide in the Governance of Global Public Goods

International law has long experienced a divide or “schism” between publicand private international law.1 This divide is not only heuristic, it has deeplyconstitutive effects on what is possible in the international landscape. The dividecreates multiple shadow areas in which the private is rendered invisible and cannotbe regulated, or at least not using traditional legal mechanisms.2

The Role of Law and the Rule of Law in the Economic Development Process: Quest for New Directions and Approaches in International Development Law Regime

INTRODUCTION“Trends of events in the international system appear to have clearly estab-lished that developing countries have been placed in a weaker structural position inthe global-economy1 but also tend to be placed in a less dominant position on othervariable indicators”2 of power within the international system, including political,military, and legal.3 Evidence also suggests that the international … Read more