Missed Connections? Evaluating the Global Spread and Legality of Mandatory SIM Registration in a Modern National Security Context

In popular culture, a “burner” phone is a pre-paid cell phone which can be “purchased without providing a name or Social Security number.” Also known as a “dope” phone, it is typically a low-cost disposable device purchased with cash, without a contract, and, therefore, which has no “subscriber” or “owner” information associated with it. In … Read more

Filling the Vacuum: Adapting International Space Law to Meet the Pressures Created by Private Space Enterprises

The date is June 4th, 2033. Several hundred kilometers above the surface of earth, a two-ton spacecraft approaches a defunct satellite previously operated by the United Kingdom. The unmanned mission by an Indian company intends to retrieve the satellite more than thirty years after it rocketed into space. The last ten years had been tough … Read more