Evaluating NATO in 2022

In response to the devastation occasioned by the Second World War and the looming threat of Communism led by the Soviet Union with its new stronghold in West Berlin, the United States sought to help rebuild Europe via the Marshall Plan, but the Plan alone was not enough.[1] Vulnerable European governments were already struggling to … Read more

Territorial Sovereignty Within the Metaverse: Adjusting to the Evolving Threat of Cyberwarfare

Prior to Russia’s physical invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, there were blatant incursions into Ukraine that began spreading chaos before a single bomb fell. These incursions came about in cyberspace, as Russian hackers attacked systems belonging to Ukrainian agencies, banks, and Ukraine’s defense ministry.[1],[2] In addition to shutting down sites, hackers added messages … Read more

Oil Prices Flirt with Historical Highs in Response to the War on Ukraine

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, the U.S., along with its allies, imposed a fleet of crippling economic sanctions on Russia to deter Russia from continued aggression.[1] Meanwhile, private companies worldwide have taken it upon themselves to suspend services in Russia to increase the financial pressure cooker.[2] To increase the … Read more

Biden’s New Asylum Overhaul: Will Efficiency Sacrifice Due Process?

The Biden Administration announced new rules changing the asylum process aimed at decreasing the 1.7-million-case-backlog in U.S. immigration courts.[1] Under this new policy, some migrants will have their asylum claims adjudicated by asylum officers rather than immigration judges.[2] The Administration’s goal is to make the entire asylum process take approximately six months as opposed to … Read more

Is the United States Guilty of “Hysterical Fearmongering” in the 2022 Ukraine Crisis?

In a typically acrimonious diplomatic brawl on Monday January 31, 2022, at the U.N. Security Council, the United States asserted that Russia has been jeopardizing peace by amassing troops at Ukraine’s borders.[1] Russian diplomats dismissed American concerns as “hysterical U.S. fearmongering.”[2] Tensions today between the United States and Russia mimic those of the Cold War … Read more

Human Trafficking: Providing Protection Instead of Prosecution

The world becomes smaller everyday as technology and global transportation become more accessible and affordable.[1]As a result, human trafficking has more efficient, evolving into a massive system of oppression. Typically, victims of human trafficking have been targeted by local governments through criminal prosecutions charging and convicting them of prostitution or other related charges. [2] I … Read more

Mexico’s Legal Cannabis Landscape: What the United States Can Anticipate and Learn from Mexico’s Path to the Legalization of Adult-Use Cannabis

History and Legislative Process Similar to the United States in many ways, Mexico’s relationship with cannabis has been an arduous one.[1] Anti-marijuana policies that were promulgated in the United States penetrated geographic borders in the mid-21st-century and had a notable impact on Mexico’s own criminalization of cannabis.[2] In the early 2000’s, “Mexico officially launched its … Read more

The Negative Externalities of Economic Sanctions on Russia

““[T]he use of economic sanctions carries with it a moral and economic price that is often difficult to justify,” especially in times of weakened economies.[1]” Western states across the globe are waging economic warfare against Russia in response to Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine.[2] Over 30 countries are leveraging half the world’s gross domestic … Read more


The United States has imposed “unprecedented” sanctions on Russia in response to the country’s invasion of Ukraine.[1]Sanctions are a coercive foreign policy tool that can take the form of “trade embargoes; restrictions on particular exports or imports; denial of foreign assistance, loans, and investments; blocking of foreign assets under U.S. jurisdiction; and prohibition on economic … Read more