The Role of Law and the Rule of Law in the Economic Development Process: Quest for New Directions and Approaches in International Development Law Regime

INTRODUCTION“Trends of events in the international system appear to have clearly estab-lished that developing countries have been placed in a weaker structural position inthe global-economy1 but also tend to be placed in a less dominant position on othervariable indicators”2 of power within the international system, including political,military, and legal.3 Evidence also suggests that the international … Read more

The New Global Attack on Personal Tax Evasion Using Foreign Investment and the Role of the United States

Policy development related to international tax evasion grew substantially in the first decade of this century and has exploded in the years since. A fear that the growing ease of global financial asset movements had increased the number of persons – particularly rich persons – evading home country tax obligations provided an important impetus in … Read more

Internationalizing Domestic Disputes? Transnational Public–private Partnership in WTO Litigation

For approximately two decades, commentators have extensively investigated the production of World Trade Organization (WTO) cases.1 The WTO Dispute Settlement Body has been the central pillar of the WTO system since its establish- ment, because it is the institution within the system that can authorize sanctions for violations of the WTO agreements, but also plays … Read more