Critical Analysis: Distinguishing Obama’s Drone Program from Bush’s Interrogation Program

Hours before the “Torture Report” was release by the Senate, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush Michael Gerson wrote an op-ed where he called Senators Feinstein’s and Udall’s decisions to release the report reckless in what he referred to as “a massive dump of intelligence.” In making his argument, Mr. Gerson misconstrues principles of … Read more

Critical Analysis: Drone Strikes in Pakistan Surge in the Summer

Though the news media is seemingly all eyes on the Olympics this week, drones have been making magazine covers and headlines as attacks on militants in Pakistan have escalated during the summer and days before a visit to Washington by Pakistan’s intelligence chief. Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), are what their proper … Read more

You want to shoot our drones down now, Iran?

Occasionally alarming drones stories cross my desk. Up until this morning, this one ranked as #1 most alarming: “‘Flesh-eating robot’ is actually a vegetarian, say inventors.” In an attempt to reassure the reader, the inventors add this gem of a quote: “The … Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot – known as Eatr for short – does … Read more

Is remote killing easier than traditional combat?

DoD photo by Senior Master Sgt. David H. Lipp, U.S Air Force/Released

One argument against the unmanned drones that the United States currently uses in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and against terrorist targets in Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia is that because the drone pilot sits thousands of miles away from combat, operating the drone remotely, killing is easier — more akin to a video game than … Read more

An epiphany on killer drones

Predator Drone

I am currently finishing an article on autonomous killer drones – military robots that can go out, identify and kill enemy combatants without human supervision.  They don’t exist yet, but technology is inching us closer to that day.  54 countries are developing military robots and autonomy is a hot feature. My paper argues that autonomous … Read more